Team ISO


Yogic practice has opened me up to the possibilities of genius, self-realization, and self-mastery as exemplified by the ultimate unity of everything. I am committed to bringing yoga to the fringe – to the people who are often left out of this work; I am committed to bringing bodies together on the mat as a means to establish true commUNITY wherever we may find ourselves. I believe that yoga should be prescribed to all – as we can all use it to overcome the challenges that living in a ‘modern’ world presents as well as the obstacles that our minds create. We are all perfect, whole, and complete. When we work from where we are, we allow ourselves infinite space to travel to where we desire to be.

It is challenging. It is fun. It is totally worth it.

Jonny Mah

Jonny’s lighthearted teaching is filled with calm instructions, while reaching a crescendo throughout each posture. All with a smile. He emphasizes form over depth and offers modifications of postures when needed. During each practice, Jonny encourages others to be present, honest, mindful, and aware of how they feel, while breathing through a pain-free range of motion.

It was in 2009 when Jonny took his first Hot 26&2 yoga class in San Francisco. He found mental clarity, solace, and experienced the best, non-interrupted sleep in years. After fifteen years in a profession in finance (while daydreaming of the next yoga class each day at work), Jonny left the corporate world in 2014. He practiced hot yoga and traveled frequently, and soon realized the yoga was something he wanted to serve others. Jonny attended Evolation Yoga’s 250 Hour Hot Primary Teacher Training (Bikram Method/Hot 26&2) in Santa Barbara, CA in the Fall of 2016, under the guidance of Evolation co-founders, Mark Drost and Zefea Samson, and became 200-RYT certified in November 2016. Jonny received his certification from Barkan Method Hot Yoga to instruct Hot Vinyasa Level II & III in April 2018.

Jonny has instructed at yoga studios in Atlanta, San Francisco, with a 2 month stint in Sweden in 2019.

When away from the hot room, Jonny enjoys playing fetch w his pup Gingko, experimenting with global recipes & travel, strength training, and strolling through the diverse neighborhoods the City has to offer.